Natural Feed

Upon the good ecology as in Sureerath farm, we produce natural feed which becomes feed since release the shrimp to the grow-out pond. Such as:


Fully Closed water system

We use a fully closed water system in our farm. We do not discharge any water after harvesting to the surrounding ecological system.


Recirculation water system

We use a Re-circulation water system in Sureerath Farm. At harvesting the water from the grow-out ponds is discharged to the effluent canal where it is transported to the treatment pond. Discharge water is allowed to stand in the treatment pond for about 7 days to settle, before it is fed back into the stock pond. The stock pond feeds the re-circulation canal, which in turn supplies each of the adjoining grow-out ponds.

Organic Treatment Pond

We use an organic treatment pond to improve the water quality after harvesting. We will achieve this by planting substantial amounts of trees, shrubs and aquatic plants (like SAV, Marginal and Floating). The clearer water will allow for the growth of small waterborne plants and animals - the start of an organic food chain.


This will allow Sureerath Farm to produce standard, quality, safe and environmentally friendly Black Tiger Prawn to meet international standards acceptable to the world market. Because of our surrounding ecosystem we pay particular attention to mangrove forest, which include:

Mangrove (Rhizophora apioulata)
Api-api putih (Avicennia alba)
Mangrove Apple (Sonneratia alba)
Gedabu (Sonneratia ovata)
Teruntum merah (Lumnitzera littorea)
Leather Fern (Acrostichum aureum L.)
Lesser reedamace/Narrow leaf Cat-tail (Typha angustifolia L.)

At present, we have already planted more than 7,000 mangroves to date.


Sundry System

We do not discharge any waste material to the surrounding ecological system. This material becomes the basis of the fertilizer for the next crop. This has been our policy since the inception of Sureerath Farm in 1985.



Mangrove forest is endangered throughout the world, and in line with international organizations, the government in Thailand is trying to preserve the mangrove. In order to protect and preserve our surrounding ecology Sureerath Farm is carrying out extensive planting of mangrove. To the present date we have planted more than 7,000 mangroves.




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