Sureerath Farm was established in 1985 by Mr.Prayoon and Mrs. Sureerath Hongrath. This was during the time prawn farming first began in Thailand.

In the beginning Sureerath farm had an area of approximately 30 rais (48,000 m2). Over the next 20 years Sureerath farm developed into its present format. This includes an area of approximately 1,400 rais (2.24 km2), 133 grow-out ponds, 4 stock water ponds and the hatchery. This has been developed in an environmentally-friendly way to include a fully closed water system, water recirculation canals and an organic water treatment pond. We do not discharge any waste material to the surrounding ecological system. This has been our policy since the inception of Sureerath Farm in 1985 and was the first time this system was used in Thailand.



To develop and produce, in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable process, an international quality organic prawn to be in line with the Thai vision that makes “Thailand the kitchen of the World”.


To make operational management more efficient and effective for our customer
To integrate the production of quality organic prawn with environmental protection.
To demonstrate Thai prawn farming ability to the world.
To develop Sureerath Farm to become the world best organic producer and supplier.



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